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City of books for children's home from El Crucero, Managua.

"City of books" is a recital organized by the writers Hector Avellan, Erick Aguirre, Jimmy Javier Obando, Ernesto Salmerón, Enrique Rimbaud and Eunice Shade with the purpose of collecting books to build a library for the orphanage “Siervas del Divino Rostro”.

The Cildren´s home is located in El Crucero, Managua.

The orphanage "Siervas del Divino Rostro" was born in San Fernando, Nueva Segovia in 1985 serving 87 children and adolescents in the mountains of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, as a consequence of war, " we began to provide care and protection for girls in risk at that moment”, says Sister Griselda Diaz, the current mother superior and head of the orphanage.

Since 1993 "Siervas del Divino Rostro" was moved to El Crucero serving children and young street orphans, abandoned by their parents. Since its foundation “ Siervas del Divino Rostro” has been serving to over seven hundred children in El Crucero, every twenty-four hours of a day and 365 days of every year.

Also Sister Delia highlight that they are a private Children´s Home. So they live from donations that the good hearts of others want to provide: "Everything we need here, since a bag of salt until a book."

Thus, within the framework of the World Book Day, writers Hector Avellan, Erick Aguirre, Jimmy Javier Obando, Ernesto Salmerón, Enrique Rimbaud and Eunice Shade, along with singer Mario Montenegro come together to offer a cultural activity called "City of Books: Literature and Music ", whose objective is to collect as many books as possible and donate them to the Children´s Home “Siervas del Divino Rostro”. The idea is motivates children into reading and give them hope to continue learning

This is the first part of this initiative. Afterwards the authors plan to conduct reading activities saturdays or sundays to teach the children how to use and enjoy a library.

This activity has no funds, so if you want to help you can contact the number (505) 89139072.

"City of books" is a verse from the Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges. The verse belongs to its famous “A poem of gifts” in which he expresses his deep love and respect for books.

With this motto, these Nicaraguan writers will be reciting poetry, reading stories and sharing with people this next Thursday April 28 at 5:00 pm at the Central Bank of Nicaragua.

Admission is a book; “We want books in good condition and appropriate readings for children from 5 to 15 years. Useful books are important but also fun books are necessary. Magazines, learning games, everything that a library needs”, said the writers.

Do not forget: April 28, 5:00 pm, Central Bank of Nicaragua. You can help us to make a change. Do not miss it!