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Literatura versus Arte Contemporáneo.

Sin duda, la mejor película que he visto este año o "de cuando la literatura vence, gana, desenmascara al arte contemporáneo".  Glorioso momento, capiche?

"Artist: Did you enjoy the performance?

Writer: Parts of it. That violent head-butt explains a lot. Let’s start at the beginning.

Artist: Why not the end? You know, Talia concept love to provoke.

Writer: Don’t bother. There are more important things than provoking me. And this referring to your self in the third person is unbearable. What are you reading?

Artist: I don’t need to read. I live on vibrations, including extrasensory ones.

Writer: Setting the extrasensory aside for a moment what do you mean by vibrations?

Artist: How does one use the crude vulgarity of words to explain the poetry of vibrations?

Writer: Well, try.

Artist: I’m an artist . I don’t need to explain jack shit.

Writer: Then I will write “Lives on vibrations but doesn’t know what they are”.

Artist: I’m starting to dislike this interview. I sense …