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I wish to be a nun II

This writing is a petition to President Donald Trump and Mr. John Ellis Bush to have a house of G.O.P. and Conservatives at León, Nicaragua. León has defended us from invasion. In León we Nicaraguans are first. I admire this of León who has received me with love. We have to recognize this well labour of leoneses. 
The problem is Granada sell all the properties and León have not. Besides, Rubén Darío is at Cathedral. Our country needs your support respecting our space, America. Our Country needs peace and our own bulletin, radio and tv program.    

                                  I wish to be a nun II

To my Fray Leon Leitem

Eunice Shade

I came to the city of Leon a February 23th because is the will of the Lord. At the Real and Renowned Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I remember when I was a little girl and I wake up: I did not know which was my left and my right hand.  Jesus asked me: Which is the hand of your writings? The right hand. With my right hand I say I am not. When I cannot see, I remember the question of Jesus. When we make the sign of the cross with our right hand we said and the Holy Spirit. Jesus say to me: The sins against the Holy Spirit are unforgivable (Mathew 11: 31-37).
Next day I back to pray my Holy Rosary. In the Evangelization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, priest and nuns taught me: When you read the Holy Bible and when you pray God talk to us and we talk to God.
I was praying the Holy Rosary of Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, when I listened the voice telling to me: First pray in front of Rubén Darío. After remember which is the hand of your writings? At the beginning I was scared for the life of prayer of the devotees at The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary.
Thus, in front of Rubén Darío, which americans pronounce Ruben Dario, I pray and write with my right hand. Before, I write it in my diary to remember. The voice also told me to write a prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes, my Patroness. It was the day of her 8th apparition to Bernardette in the Grotto. León rejoice me, I feel Eunice of León Santiago de los Caballeros. Our Lady of Lourdes I beg your intercession to bless the city of León, Nicaragua.
Today, Saturday, Remember the Shabbath... (Exodus 20: 8), the second day of my novenas to my saints, and the second miracle of Our Lady of Lourdes: I met Bishop Bosco Vivas. I did not know it was Bishop Vivas in person until I approach to him, he gave me his blessing and talk to me. We talked close to my Patroness, which was a great moment because the words of a religious are gold, I keep them as a treasure. With his ivory cassock, his solideo and buttons of pink color, Bishop Vivas pray. He talk to me while he is praying. It is a blessings to be with him. I told him my name and I felt peace. We both were plenty of the peace of Our Prayers. It is difficult for me to pray, for this, the example of Bishop Vivas inspire me, strengthen my hope. Bishop Vivas custody and preach the, in Spanish we say: Vara de Abrahán.  
I walk for the old streets of León with my Book of Saint Catherine of Sienna: The Dialogue, Prayers and Soliloquy, I remember when I went to Managua, Friday, March 1st when the silence of the early morning surrounded the city. I was saying see you soon León. I have to go back to my old Managua to meet with Doctor Noel Vidaurre to fight for a better future in Nicaragua, a Nicaragua with roots, a Nicaragua defending herself from the attacks of: Idolatry, witchcraft, magic, heresy. I wish for all of us to pray after every holy mass to Saint Benedicti: Cruz Sancti Patri Benedicti. After the meeting with Doctor Vidaurre at Managua, I back to León, I came at night, I prayed my novena to Saint Francis of Assisi. I wake up and I smile when I listened the bells. I am preparing myself for the Lent this March 6th and Easter on April 21th. A Leonesse Lent and Easter: Is it? I write it to meditate because Father Charles Bower say: Our real citizenship is in heaven.  The city of León and I have begun a relationship.

León, Marzo 2, 2019