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What is a religious vocation? I

Eunice Shade

A religious vocation comes from heaven. It is cultivated through the hands of a real priest. Before I was chosen to be a wife of Jesus. Jesus remind me our commitment when I was 34 years old. I remember, 22 years missing your voice. I felt fear of the Holy Spirit. Because in the homilies of Pittsburgh, Our Lord made me revelations and one I was surprised is since I was in kindergarten I was chosen to be a nun. In Pittsburgh I saw movies of Saint Francis of Assisi, of Padre Pío de Pietrelcina, Saint John Baptist Lasalle and a television documentary of Bishop Robert Barron, who present Saint Teresa de Ávila, Saint Catherine Drexell and Saint Teresa de Lisieux, the Liittle Flower or Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus. I meditate of my fears about the three saints. I felt fear because Saint Teresa is from nobility, Saint Catherine give a fortune to the Holy Church and from the Little Flower I did not know anything. I am not from nobility, I do not own a fortune and did not know anything from you, Jesus. I just have prayers, teaching and writing. A religious vocation is not fun. Become a nun is serious, the will of the Lord is sacred. Religious life is a perpetual temptation. Why Our Lord allow temptations? To give us fortitude, a strong spirit. When Saint Francis of Assisi win the combat in Mount Soubasio, reveal the sanctity of the Spririt. Sanctity does not come from force, sanctity does not come from laugh. In León, Nicaragua, I meditate about what is a religious vocation? The little flower teaches of what is a Carmelite vocation. Even loving Saint Francis of Assisi and the Order of Poor Clares in Spanish, las Clarissas, Saint Thérèsa of the Child Jesus felt the call of the Carmel. Thus I went to the Monastery of the Clarissas from the Franciscan Order of Saint Clare of Assisi, to the daughters of Mary Auxiliadora from the Salesian Order of Sor Mary Romero Meneses and to the Congregation Purity of Mary, in Spanish Pureza de María, from Venerable Madre Alberta Giménez Adróver, ready to start novitiate, religious life because I born to be a nun. I remember my papitos and my uncle and my aunt praying for my marriage and have a family faithful in faith, praying for me to become a poor lady, just as teach Saint Clare of Assisi in poverty of the spirit. But the Lord had made me promises and I remember the day of my first communion when I was eleven years in the Parish The Most Holy Redeemer, in Spanish El Santísimo Redentor: I was wearing all white, a dress, shoes, a scapular, a candle and a book of prayers, with sacrifice my family brought me from Miami, Florida. My mamita and my uncle and my aunt offer me a breakfast. The Lord told me to be in retreat, to be a hermit those days and my friend Monica and my friends from the neighborhood invited me to go out to play and I say no to avoid sin because I just had my first confession and my first communion. Then The Lord told me to wait before my consecration and told me to be obedient. I suffer every day because I wish to consecrate myself to the Lord now. I wish to be a wife of Jesuschrist. I dream with my habit, my crucifix and my rosary of consecration. Nothing is more joyful to me as to pray every day. When Jesus remind me about our love from Childhood, I abandon everything, I renounce literally to everything for Our Lord and the Holy Rosary. I promise to pray it every day. Pray is the silence in the early morning when I wake up and I look for you and I do not see you and my eyes tears. Words of love gave me the Lord: Is not necessary to read, I will give you everything, and I believe. A religious vocation is also a commitment with Nicaragua: Why when devotees and faithful express devotion and say: I will vote for John Ellis Bush, I support republicans, I support President Donald Trump and Doctor Noel Vidaurre to become President of Nicaragua, enemies threaten, intimidate expression saying: You are wrong, are you feeling well? when is not like this and devotees are perfect. Who has the grace and keep and practice the commandments must not be scare of the world. Fear must be to the Holy Spirit. In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Our Lady of Lourdes I beg your intercession to God, Our Lord, to give me the gift to fear the Holy Spirit. Amen.