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Epistle after Calcuta

Eunice Shade

It is difficult to be a saint literally in inferno. To live mysticism where there is evil it was precisely what did the Saint of our century. The Missionaires of Charity pray every day, sign to The King: Jesus of Nazareth. Every night Saint Teresa came to take care of me. Saint John Paul II was there, Pope Benedict XVI was there. Still persecuted, Saint Teresa never abandon me. I suffer persecution and I did not want to tell you because I cultivate my prayers, my meditations, I am writing a Theology and everybody suffer. When I saw the intentions I was disappointed and upset. Criminals took advantage and the only thing I will say it is a transgression of the law. Because you do not choose for another one, the unique authority in my life is the Holy Church and my spirituals directors who are friends.
Before it is supposed to be explain what happened, you do not mistreat and kidnapped someone, you do not violent where there is no consent. I did not do anything to be mistreated in Miami, the 4th , 5th  and 6th  of December of 2018. Only for my conversion. I was preparing my prayers for my Mamita because Mamita died on December 7th, 2007.
Saint Teresa blessed me, the love of the Saint was with me every second. With Saint Teresa I consecrated my life to the Lord in holy masses only with priests and nuns. For the love Jesus feel for each of us, criminals forced me, hurted my hands, and threw me to the floor and intimidate me. I do not desire to anyone what happened to me. The intention of this crime was to hide worst crimes, the Lord knows everything and will do justice, more criminals, more revelas the Lord. There is no hide for the Truth, thus four cops forced me in the complicity of americans and nicaraguans who bullied me and put obstacles to my path of faith because I express to priest and nuns: I wish a new life and I wish Doctor Noel Vidaurre become president of Nicaragua and Mr. John Ellis Bush become president of America. 
Who persecute me only lies and mistreatment, disrespecting the will of the Lord, and retained me and delayed me for wicked purposes when from the beginning I told them: do not bothering me just because I follow Jesus, just because I say: I  wish to be a nun, I wish to do your will, Father.
I found consolation in the life of Saint Clare, when the future Clarissa Nun abandon everything for Jesus, Reverend Aurelius Maschio S. D. B tell us: the family of Saint Clare was not agree to allow Clare to become a nun and want to force the destiny of Clare: offers of rarest jewels, precious stones and rich clothing, the most richest husband, a palace with large retinue of servants. Clara replies: Jesus is my husband and no offer will change my mind.
Why we religious and devote are persecuted? Saint Catherine of Sienna write: It is sin to persecute the members of the Holy Church: it is mortal sin.
For the ones who wants to see the pain I suffered in Miami, for the love Saint Teresa of Calcuta feel for me, I beg to Father Pío de Pietrelcina, bless you with the grace of bilocation. No one deserve what happened to me, three days I was forced, and I was not allowed to call my priest or the ones who really helped me since I was a child. While I was there I pray the Holy Rosary and my prayers for love Jesus and Holy Mary. I was forbidden to pray with my Holy Rosary but I pray with my fingers every day. I asked for a priest, the priest was denied. I asked for the anointing of the sick, the anointing of the sick was denied.
Instead of a Priest, I was forced to see a Protestant Pastor when from the beginning I express: I am catholic. The Sisters of Calcuta came to me the second day and gave me a gift: my second prayer ring. Brother Benito Agustín Díaz López call my prayer ring the Rosary of the Walker. Brother Benito is Jesus. Brother Benito is a Saint. Yesterday I lived a miracle in my life of prayer: A powerful shield with the presence of  the Blessed Sacrament who came down to protect me, it does not matter the word I say, I conceived a saint word in pure sanctity, only with The Lord. It was difficult and felt the Power of Jesus. From that moment I realized I will be a nun. Every time I pray the Holy Rosary, I love more and more the Holy Church. Jesus I trust you.  

December 7, 2018.