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The Catholic Education I

The Catholic Education I
Eunice Shade 

Overseas (study abroad), infinity of questions comes up for home. Five years in America faraway from Nicaragua. Hispanics from Pittsburgh share in Saint Catherine of Siena, Virgin Mary. One advocation for each country. Why Our Lady always appears different? Because it is the Will of the Lord. What is the Will of the Lord? One mistery.
In five years I visited parish from different orders. Priest celebrate the supper of the Lord, the via cruxis, preserving strictly the ceremonial: The Sign of the Cross, Liturgy the Word, Liturgy of Eucharist and Blessing.
In my years of conversion I participate in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Masses. Father reads the Nicene Creed, first in Spanish after in English and thus continue with the celebration of the mass. The intention is devotees become part of the Supper of the Lord.
In front of this richness of the expression, I wonder for catholichs schools, universities, colleges, academies.
I walk through the city of Pittsburgh in winter, Nicaragua came to me.
I think in my roots, in the obligation implied in the custody of our tradition, which for being from a humble country must deal with discrmination due to lack of scruples.
The hispanic who is vigilant of its roots in hostility. Saint Catherine of Sienna write about a mystic three with mystic roots.
I wonder for my family and my education. I remember the sacrifice of my family, its unconditional support in the arduous labour of educate me. I remember the labour of teachers and religious from Nicaragua.
I remember the misterious blood of the threes. I am in shock, I contemplate the indivisible beauty of the soul: the substance, the crystalline waterfall of pure water from the mountain, such as Mother Alberta Giménez Adróver incarnate in the luminous spaces of the halls of the high school Pureza de María, in English: Purity of Mary.
I contemplate the fortitude and discipline of María Albertina Prudencia Ramírez Martínez, alive in the tradition, which with apostolic zeal guard the nuns of Christ The King Elementary, Middle and High School.
I contemplate the sanctity of Saint John Baptist La Salle. I contemplate the actions of The Saints. I contemplate the Crown and Shield, which distinguishes the insignias of these schools: The Crown of the King.
Thus, Christians we go to the call of The Lord when the seed of the sower blossom in us. Are thousands of religious orders devoted to the experience of faith. My elementary, middle and highschool coincide in 3 sacred and symbolic elements: the Crown, the Shield and the Kingdom.
Holy Spirit guide me through the Holy Gospel: The parabole of the sower (Mathew 13-1-9, Marcos 4: 1-9 and Luke 8: 4-8).
I think in my seed. I think in the Church at Nicaragua and the schools and universities, kindly educate me and give me, I write it with love, the best years of my life. Brother Benito Agustín Díaz from La Salle and Mother Bernardita Roa Rayo from Congregation Pureza de María, in English (Purity of Mary Schools).
I ask heaven: How to strenghten the root of a Catholic Education from Nicaragua in America? What are the obstacles of this transition?
Because… our values are universal, are held in every part of the World, however for who  trust in memory or similitude and not the Word of the Lord, the situation is lamentable.
Saint Faustina Kowalska say we remember for the Grace of Our Lord. Only God pasture (pastor) the memory. In Psalm 23, David say: He leads me in paths of righteousness.
Longing for home and our loved ones are obstacles students must deal with it in America, wose ambition is to consume.
The truth is catholic education worth in every country and even in a secular university, public or private, God always has a plan for the flock. And it does not matter where, our obligation is support the plan of God for devotees at seculars academies.
Dilemma! Right? In the middle of abundance….. How to continue cultivating the beauty of that harvest? How to strengthen faith, hope and charity?
In front of the case: You are a carmelite educator. It is Monday and to your class arrive a student from a franciscan high school or university. You will say to me: Nothing happen, however, a teacher with experience, more than 15 years in the classroom, knows every order posses a symbol of the natural harmony and symmetry of the soul. To find the atom of balance is difficult.
Cases are beyond: To my class come a student who say to me: I am catholic and japanese and my education is catholic. I see it and it looks to me unthinkable because also name, mention an unknown religious order with strange pronunciation. I see it meditating in its prayers around the 平等院 o Byōdō-in.
I smile for the joy of receiving a brethern. Rain of questions from sky (brainstorm), in Spanish: La lluvia de interrogantes cae del cielo: It is japanese catholicism like the nicaraguan or the american?
Not to mention the differences from one order to another one, present in the Holy Church, expressed naturally at the classroom.
What is the solution for this marvelous criature from farwaways lands of The Creator to conserve its tradition with joy, and who tell me: It has been difficult to conserve it!
What is the teaching for this three to make its foliages the most green in hope with its roots, little leaves and little branches already there before from its oringin? Roots, little leaves and little branches who show me proudly. Three cultivated with effort for japanese priests and nuns.
How continue cultivating the pulchrum (beauty) which is proud and I celebrate it, astonish of the Power of Our Lord?
The third case is from a carmelite priest with 30 years of priesthood, who suddenly listen the call of Saint Francis of Assissi, and hug and burn in fire of franciscanism. Or a secular, who go from the Carmel Devotees to the Franciscans ones.
Then, I meditate, the pillars of faith.