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What is an apostolate?

Eunice Shade
For first time I walked from the Cathedral the Assumption of Mary in the procession of Palm Sunday with Bishop Bosco Vivas and Venerable Ecclesial Cabildo. We walk to Saint Francis of Assisi Holy Church, my Seraphic Father.

Four years of conversion and I begun my apostolate on the Lent of April 8th of 2019 in León, Nicaragua. What is an apostolate? The Magisterium of Christ at the Holy Church. From my conversion born my apostolate. My apostolate begun with the pasturing voice of Brother Benito de la Salle and meditations of the homilies of Bishop Bosco Vivas. From my years at La Salle I hear the voice of the Lord.

In Pittsburgh, Father Leon Leitem of Assisi, Father Kris Stubna and Father Fernando Torres misteriously prepared me to come to Nicaragua. An apostolate is difficult  because we are surrounded of unbelievers, jews, etc. The day the Lord told me about my apostolate I lived it in suffering, sweet of my Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was called to devotion of Sacred Heart of Jesus when I was eleven years old, and until now, 38 years old I obey. 
My apostolate begun with a pilgrimage for cathedrals and parishes for the Proclamatio Reigni Dei, the Proclamation of the Kingdom. I travel from Pittsburgh to Miami. The first night I slept at the Garden of the Holy Family Catholic Church from the Father Fritzner Bellonce who open me the doors to continue John Paul II mission. I went to the Archdiocese of Miami and I saw a picture of the Archbishop Thomas Wensky. I pray for our priests in a chapel inside the archdiocese in Saint Martha Holy Church and I wrote the names of each priest who has blessed me in the book of intentions. Every moment I prayed for Nicaragua. I went to Our Lady of Lourdes and I write again the names in the books for blessings. 
I went with the Missionaires of Charity of Calcuta and I become sheep of  the Sisters: Sister Loreta, Sister Agna, Sister María Alberta, Sister Theola, Sister Carmen, Sister Ajaya, Sister Immacula, Sister Mary Prema, Sister Getrude. 
The Missionaires are expansionist. With the Missionaires I received the Holy Mass for religious every day. In Thanksgiving Holy Mass for religious the sister prepared me and consecrated in secret with Jesus. Bishop Fernando Penna gave us Holy Mass. I went to Corpus Christie Parish and Father and Vicar Joseph Jean Louis gave me the welcoming and offered me a space to write theology and practice the Holy Gospel. I was volunteer at Corpus Christie Festival and I met the claretians nuns: The sisters Carmen, Claudia y Elisabeth from Religious Education. During the Thanksgiving Mass for laity on Sunday we had a chat. I went to Saint John Bosco Holy Church and I pray one Mercy Chaplet. In the shelter of the Missionaires of Charity reign the Spirit of Saint Teresa of Calcuta. The Missionaires venerate and custody two relics one with the blood of the Saint: Ex Capilli y Ex Sanguini. The Missionaires of Charity pray in three chapels with the Holy Cross of Christ and the message: I thirst, in Spanish Tengo sed. Before when I was at Purity of Mary School Mother Bernarda Roa Rayo taught me a meditation about the I thirst: When Christ said these words, only vinegar and hiel drank. How many times Christ say to us I thirst and what we gave to drink to God? In every time with the Missionaires of Charity I shared my meditations and I beg prayers for Nicaragua. In the Shelter I also prayed to Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Pío de Pietrelcina. Since begun my conversion I practice first of all the sacred traditio of the Hermit (Hermitages). An apostolate is a permanent combat between Spirit and Flesh (John 3: 3, 7).
My apostolate continue with Faith Ministry/The Ministry of Faith.
The Ministry of Faith is a space of prayer and contemplation of our dogmas. Its origin is Saint Paul II and Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The Ministry of Faith is to pray, share and expand the Holy Gospel with the practice and help to keep alive the Spirit of Prayer. The first event of the Ministry of Faith is devotion to the Angelus and devotion to Mercy Chaplet Thursdays at 12 noon and 3 PM. Devotion to Saint Benedict and Our Lady of Lourdes to move faith in the ones who listen the voice of the Lord.
On April 9th I received my first class of the Magisterium of Christ. I was frighten of Bishop Bosco María and its Ministry because is Christ. The Bishop pasture life, nor thought. The most difficult of my apostolate was to renounce to my family. It took me four years to accept Jesus as my Father and Mary as my Mother.
In scriptio Jesus say: Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me, and (Mathew 10: 37, 39). Jesus say: Because anyone who does the will of Lord is my brother, my sister and my mother (Mark 3: 31, 35).
I was excited at the Holy Mass in Our Lady of Carmel Parish bacause Father Alonso García told us: write Isaiah 42 and I write it to meditate once the Holy Mass culminate. It is not common to write at Homilies. It moves me: All together writing the message for each of us at the house of The Lord. The Magisterium of Christ born again in our Holy Churches, prophetized by John Paul II.
Faith Ministry gave me hoppe although the fruit of a life of prayer it does not born in one day or one night, it took years to see it. The Lord is preparing me to be a nun at Holy Mass and I have to obey and to wait.
The Ministry of faith needs your support with your prayers, prayer cards and contributions to the devotions already mentioned.

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